Prevent Lost Revenue: Find Piracy Prevention That Works

Technological advances have made it possible for start-ups and other small businesses to succeed globally. Unfortunately, some of those companies focus only on stealing the work of others. High-tech pirates are to blame for millions in lost revenue and every legitimate company has to do everything possible to stop the loss of their intellectual property.

Avoid Common Mistakes

It is easy to feel vulnerable and fall into the trap of seeking out any solution. There are a lot of companies that offer promises, but they do not produce any real resolution. Rewards for information about piracy often leads to the pirates attempting to collect on work they have personally stolen. Companies that spend too much money and time copywriting all their material without any ability to identify or stop pirates are wasting money on false security.

Forget Generic Answers

A single software system, a formal document or an anti-hacking solution will not work. Every industry has to worry about piracy, but the threats and the methods used are different for everyone. There is the issue of the type of media at risk, the desirability of the product as well as how easy it is to distribute pirated versions of the material. The criminals always compare the effort required to steal the material and weigh it against the potential profit it offers.

Find Real Solutions

The only anti piracy solutions that truly work are the ones designed specifically for the company that is fighting this battle. It is also not a product that the business purchases and puts into use so they never have to think about it again. In order to maintain the highest level of security, it requires working with someone to develop a system that is capable of adapting to the changes brought on by new piracy tactics as well as an expanding business.

The average music artist loses about 10 percent of their earnings to piracy. These artists are often the most visible people in the fight to stop this type of illegal activity. However, they are not the only ones affected. Writers, movie producers, software developers and many others lose money every day. Large corporations and famous actors may not always feel the financial impact, but people attempting to establish themselves in their industry always will. Take a stand against this crime and find a company that understands the best method of defense.