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Reasons for the Growing Popularity of the Trenchless Sewer Repair Method

There is a huge difference in the manner in which sewer systems were constructed in the past as compared to nowadays. Traditionally, sewer systems were constructed by digging up trenches and laying up the pipework to form the complete system. Trouble arose when such systems failed by the bursting of one pipe or another. For the sewer system to be repaired, one had to literally dig up the entire area, which mostly involved disturbing whatever lay over the system. Nowadays, this is not the case. There is a better way of carrying out such repair work known as the trenchless sewer repair. Repair and replacement is carried out by the assistance of two access holes that are dug at specific points in the sewer system. The method is beneficial in very many ways, unlike the traditional approach of digging up the entire network. The following are some of these benefits.

Trenchless sewer repair is actually less costly as compared to the other method of excavating and replacing the parts. The amount of digging required for this approach is very minimal. Fewer laborers will, therefore, be necessary to work on the system to completion. The result will be the lowering of the total cost of repairing the system.

Secondly, trenchless sewer repair is done quickly and efficiently. Sewer systems are responsible for hiding from the human eye waste that would be very unpleasant if exposed. Rapid spread of infections, as well as a bad smell accompanying the waste, are associated with the breakage or damage of pipes of the sewer system. When this happens, you need to repair the system as fast as possible to eliminate the chances of this happening. This is only possible with the trenchless sewer repair method, which will accomplish the objective in record time.

There is also minimal damage of property when this approach is used. It is quite possible that the sewer lines in your home are constructed under building structure, through the gardens and even across lawns. Digging trenches to unearth the lines will therefore mean the destruction of such property. Use of trenchless sewer repair will cause as little disturbance as possible to these structures.

The use of the trenchless approach to sewer repair will eliminate the need to replace damaged equipment. As a result of the reduced instances of destruction, fewer equipment will have the need for repair or replacement. This is because the repair work may either involve passing the replacement pipe through the old one and aligning them together, or bursting the old pipe with the new one. In the process of doing this, any structure standing above the pipe network will remain as it is.

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