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How to Select the Right Pool Tile

Pools come in various shapes and sizes, therefore, choosing the right pool tiles is very critical. The following are some tips to help you select the right pool tile.

Consider using stone tile on your pools waterline if you are looking to have a more natural design. Stone tiles have an earthy look and feel and can easily match with any decor of your home. Natural stone is non-slip and is able to retain heat during summer. For a smooth and sophisticated finish, consider stone tiles limestone, granite and sandstone.

A more cheaper, durable and easy to install option is the porcelain tile. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles come in various colors and sizes and share similar benefits. This will enable you to create focal points in the pool.

Glass tiles give the pool a more luxurious and trendy touch and is expensive than the porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles. An advantage of glass tiles is that it reflects the natural light and this creates a great ambience for your pool. Glass mosaic is an excellent choice to use as waterline tile and can add color to the pool.

When you have selected the right material of tile for your pool, you should also pay attention to the style available. It is a good idea to choose large pool tiles as small tiles can quickly accumulate scum and build-up. Hence, it will be easier to clean the tiles and you will save time on cleaning. On the other hand, smaller tiles create a more intricate pool design and it’s easier to create mosaic compared to using larger tiles. In addition, ensure that the tile can withstand high heat, fading due to direct sunlight and is acid-proof.

Safety is another important consideration when choosing pool tiles. Purchase a tile that is slip-resistant for the edges and walkways in order to prevent anyone who will use the pool and especially kids from falling. The slip-resistant ties are also great for use in shallow water. Therefore, before making your decision, do your homework to find the safest and most durable pool tile.

Do your research on the various brands in order to narrow down your options to a few quality ones. Read the feedback of other homeowners and find out what they are saying about different pool tiles to help you make an informed choice. You should also research the various sellers and check their reviews to be sure that they will sell you high quality pool tiles.

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